24 August 2010

Hello Time Waster

If you happen to have a job that involves hours of slow time, I can't recommend enough clicking through the entire 166 page thread of fake Criterion Collection covers on mubi.com. Start at the end and go backwards until fired.

There are cool designs:

Hilarious film choices:

And art so inspired you can't believe the DVD isn't already available for purchase:

If this thread is any indication, Stanley Kubrick remains the most fanboyed auteur (though he must be hearing Christopher Nolan's footsteps already).

Overall, it's amazing how important font is. Even the best designs are undone by font that doesn't look believable. But when the right combination hits the cover is instantly definitive.

If you wanted another thing to think about when watching films, now you can ponder which images would inspire the finest Criterion cover. Now if someone would just start a thread on booklet art...

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