27 September 2010

So Many Title Shots

From the timewaster who brought you Fake Criterion Covers (still going, check the new Pi cover), I give you the Movie Title Stills Collection.

You can browse start titles (and many end titles) by year which, if nothing else, is a great study of trends in font.

Some live up to the excellence of the film:

Some do not:

And one is just the best:

Overall the site functions as a nice survey of films to put on the queue. I marched forward from the 20s and it pains me to say we might be mired in the most boring era for film titles!

While Michael Haneke can be counted on for excellence, don't look to America for any inspiration.

(Isn't Good Night, and Good Luck using the default font for iMovie?)

The only disappointment is that the little "buy" links don't take you to a page that miraculously sells high quality images of the title--they take you to an Amazon page to buy DVDs.

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